Digital Health Rewired Committee Member - Mark Duman
Mark Duman / Clinician, Management Consultant and Patient Advocate

Mark Duman (MRPharmS) is a rare blend of clinician, management consultant and patient advocate. He works with organisations to help them realise the full benefit of their services and products, especially through the often untapped potential of patients and the public.

His first foray into digital health was installing the pharmacy component of a Cerner electronic health record system at Health Care International, Scotland in 1994.  In Lewisham NHS Hospital he developed the award-winning PharmAssist system harnessing multimedia t to help ethnic minorities with their medicines-taking.  At The King’s Fund, Mark promoted shared clinical decision making, founded the Ask About Medicines campaign & authored ‘Producing Patient Information’.   Within the BBC, he developed a range of behaviour change interventions to improve people’s health and lifestyle.