April 28, 2021

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The first fringe session will explore how to combine being a digital leader and innovator with also being an entrepreneur and taking the bold steps to make something better or create something new. Hear from successful digital health entrepreneurs, including Rewired Pitchfest 2021 finalists, on their personal journeys, barriers encountered and what support they were able to access and their advice to others wanting to blaze their own paths.

09:00 - 09:05
Welcome from the chair
Katya Masconi-Yule - Head of Digital Pioneer Fellowship and Accelerator Programme Manager, Digitalhealth.London

09:05 - 09:30
Dafyyd Loughran - CEO, Concentric Health
Ashish Kalraiya - Founder and CEO, Medishout
Carey McClellan - CEO and Clinical Director, GetUbetter
Ben Wanless - Consultant Physiotherapist, St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

09:30 - 10:00

Applying the key lessons and experience from the GDE programme to future NHS digitisation programmes

Trusts within the Global Digital Exemplar Programme have deployed technology that has; helped save lives, reduced burden on clinical staff and enabled clinical information to be accessed, wherever it is needed. This interactive Q&A gives delegates the opportunity to learn from the team who worked behind the scenes to evaluate the programme. They will offer a unique insight into the achievements of the GDE programme and the lessons learned. They will also explain how the GDEs have helped create a culture of learning that is now being adopted across the Digital Aspirant Programme. This session will be valuable to delegates from organisations at all stages of their digital transformation journey.

11:00 - 11:05
Welcome from the Panel

11:05 - 11:30
Kathrin Cresswell - Senior Lecturer, Chief Scientist Office Chancellor’s Fellow, Director of Innovation, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh
Robin Williams - Professor of Social Research on Technology and Director of the Institute for the Study of Science Technology and Innovation, University of Edinburgh
Dermot Ryan - Director of Frontline Digitisation, NHSX

11:30 - 12:00

Focus on Femtech

Femtech, short for Female Technology, refers to services, products and software which are created with a specific focus on women’s health. FemTech represents a real opportunity for the NHS to make life saving and life changing improvements in care, including the 80% of the NHS workforce that are female. Examples include earlier cervical and breast cancer detection or better treatment for adolescent girl mental health. Join our great panel to explore the future of Femtech.

13:00 - 13:05
Welcome from the chair
Jenny Thomas - Programme Director, Digitalhealth.London

13:05 - 13:30
Dame Clare Gerada - Former Chair of RCGP, Medical Practitioner; Co-Chair, NHS Assembly
Dr Sunita Sharma - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Chelsea and Westminster NHS FT
Nicole Leeds - Head of Marketing Strategy, Clue by Biowink
Tina Marshall - UK Country Manager, Visiba Care
Max Landry - Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Peppy

13:30 - 14:00

Show and Tell on Nursing Care Plans

Digitising Nursing Care Plans is one of the most challenging parts of a trust EPR and digitisation programme, often requiring a huge amount of work to review existing processes and care plans. Join some of the leading CNIOs in the NHS as they share their experiences, offer suggestions on approaches that have proved effective and share practical advice and suggestions.

14:30 - 14:35 Welcome from the chair
Melanie Robertson - CNIO, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust

14:35 - 15:00
Helen Balsdon - Helen Balsdon, Florence Nightingale Foundation Digital Leadership Fellow, NHSX
Fran Beadle - National Clinical Informatics Lead Nursing, Digital Health and Care Wales
Annette Gilmore - Clinical Informatician and Clinical Analyst. PRSB
James Bird - CNIO, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

15:00 - 15:30

Reflections On the First Year of the Digital Aspirant Programme
The Digital Aspirant programme is the successor to the Global Digital Exemplar programme and aims to support the objective of levelling up digital maturity across all secondary care providers. We will hear from some of the first cohort of Digital Aspirants and their reflections on what they have learned from others, the challenges they have faced in delivering digital transformation during a pandemic and some of the outcomes they are realising now.

16:00 - 16:05
Welcome from the chair
Timothy Ellis - Head of Frontline Digitisation, NHSX

16:05 - 16:30
Dr Andrew Hill - CCIO, St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Justin Griffiths - Head of IM&T, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust
Lesley Birkin - Clinical Systems Manager, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
Dr Paul Rice - Chief Digital and Information Officer, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

16:30 - 17:00