Andrew, Scott

Scott Andrew

Healthcare Industry Director for the UK & Ireland, Dell Technologies

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Arrowsmith, Emma

Emma Arrowsmith

Digital Matron, County Durham and Darlington FT

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Ali, Lia

Dr Lia Ali

CCIO advisory panel member, Digital Health

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Bakhai, Minal

Dr Minal Bakhai

director of primary care transformation, NHS England

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Bennett, Karl

Dr Karl Bennett

Senior Partner, Oakley Health Group

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Beadle, Frances

Frances Beadle

Chief Nursing Information Officer, Digital Health and Care Wales

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Bzdyk, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Bzdyk

Head of Service for the National Clinical Safety Assurance Service, NHS Scotland

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Liz Breen

Prof Liz Breen

director, digital health enterprise zone, professor of health service operations, University of Bradford

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Byrne, Adrian

Adrian Byrne


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Clarke, Bernadette

Bernadette Clarke

co-curator, One Health Tech

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Charnley, Paul

Paul Charnley

co-chair, Digital Blueprinting Steering Committee (NHS England)

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Coates, Peter

Peter Coates

Managing Director, The Apperta Foundation

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Chinda, Anita

Anita Chinda

assistant director of programmes, frontline digitisation support offer, Transformation Directorate NHS England

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Cowley, Jonathan

Dr Jonathan Cowley

CCIO, Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS FT

Chok, Dr. Shera

Dr Shera Chok

Founder and Chair, The Shuri Network

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Davey, Andrew

Andrew Davey

distinguished solutions engineer, Office of the CTO, Salesforce

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Deasy, Charlotte

Dr Charlotte Deasy

Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Associate CCIO CNTW and Regional Clinical Lead for Dementia and Older People’s Mental Health, NHS England

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Deffley, Dr Paul

Dr Paul Deffley

Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion

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Eyre, Daniel

Daniel Eyre

Vice President, Business Development, CereCore International

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Evans, Graham

Prof Graham Evans

executive chief digital and infrastructure officer and Senior Risk Owner (SIRO), NHS North East & North Cumbria ICB

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Elliot, David

David Elliot

CDIO, Northumbria Healthcare NHS FT

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Emery, Lisa

Lisa Emery

chief transformation, innovation and digital officer, NHS Sussex

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Eccles, Simon

Dr Simon Eccles

VP and Chief Health Officer (EMEA), Salesforce

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Fleming, Chris

Chris Fleming

partner, Public Digital

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Nic Fox

Nic Fox

director of commercial delivery and governance, NHS England

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Flashman, Clive

Clive Flashman

chief digital officer, Patient Safety Learning

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Frank, Paul

Paul Frank

operations and performance director, County Durham and Darlington NHS FT

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Gregory, Jared 

Jared Gregory

regional healthcare relationship manager, Salesforce

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Goodwin, Will

Will Goodwin

assistant director of programmes, NHS England

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John Greenway

Dr John Greenaway

Consultant Gastroenterologist, The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

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Glennie, Dr Richard

Dr Richard Glennie

GP and chair, Northumberland LMC and associate CCIO for North East and North Cumbria ICB

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Andrew Greenway

Andrew Greenway

Managing Director, Public Digital

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Gudgeon, Jules

Jules Gudgeon

National Chief Midwifery Information Officer, NHS England

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Hawkins, James

James Hawkins

Chief Digital Information Officer, York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Hatton, Stacey

Stacey Hatton

CNIO, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton FT

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Katie Heard

Katie Heard

head of research and data insights, Good Things Foundation

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Hardy, Steve

Steve Hardy

director of technical services, Altera Digital Health UK

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Hoeven, Koos van der

Prof Koos van der Hoeven

medical oncologist and Chair, Oncomid

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Jan Hoogewerf

Jan Hoogewerf

head of health and care, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

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Harrison, Abigail

Abigail Harrison

Executive Director of Digital and Infrastructure, Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

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Hoeksma, Jon

Jon Hoeksma

Chief Executive, Digital Health

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Jobling, David

David Jobling

Digital Health Specialist

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Jacques, Sue

Sue Jacques

Chief Executive, County Durham and Darlington NHS FT

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Jimenez, Jordi Piera

Dr Jordi Piera Jimenez

Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office, Catalan Health Service

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Johnston, Daniel

Daniel Johnston

Senior Clinical Workflow Specialist, International Markets, Imprivata

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Jeeves, Ben

Ben Jeeves

associate chief clinical information officer and clinical safety officer, Midlands Partnership University NHS FT

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Jones, Paul

Paul Jones

CDIO, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

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Kola-Abodunde, Jemima

Jemima Kola-Abodunde

digital health manager, physiotherapist, PUBLIC

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Kingman, Anji

Anji Kingman

Clinical Outcomes Manager, Northumbria Healthcare

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Kaur, Ramandeep

Ramandeep Kaur

chief clinical information officer, University Hospitals of Northamptonshire NHS Group

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Lowe, David Prof

Prof David Lowe

clinical director innovation, University of Glasgow,  and clinical lead for health innovation, CSO Scottish Government

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Loke, Debbie

Debbie Loke

EPR director/CIO, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS FT

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Maragna, Angela

Angela Maragna

co-director, One Health Tech

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Laura Mumby

Laura Mumby

Deputy director for digital and Technology at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

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Mussa, Fozia

Fozia Mussa

digital midwife, Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; and Shuri Network Digital Fellow

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Mahmood, Misbah

Misbah Mahmood

deputy chief midwifery information officer, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

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Mackey, James

Sir Jim Mackey

Chief Executive, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT

Micklewright, Tom

Dr Tom Micklewright

clinical lead for digital transformation, Cheshire and Merseyside ICS

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McMahon, Shauna

Shauna McMahon

CIO, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT

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Mitchell, John

John Mitchell

associate director of digital, NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB

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McComiskie, Euan

Euan McComiskie

health informatics lead, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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McDonald, Joe

Prof Joe McDonald

medical director, Parsek

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Noel, Simon

Simon Noel

Head of Nursing Informatics (CNIO), Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust

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O’Riordan, Dr Dermot

Dr Dermot O’Riordan

chief medical information officer, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (Ipswich and Colchester)

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Prescott, Dan

Dan Prescott

former CIO, Manchester University, NHS FT

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Caroline Palmer

Caroline Palmer

clinical lead, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

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Payne, John

John Payne

physician executive, InterSystems; and consultant transplant cardiologist

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Bobbie Phippin

Bobbie Phippin

lead clinical safety officer, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

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Price-Forbes, Dr Alec

Dr Alec Price-Forbes

consultant rheumatologist and clinical Lead for rheumatology, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS FT

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Peart-Bentham, Sarah

Sarah Peart-Bentham

Director, Professional Services, CereCore International

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Quinn, John

John Quinn

CIO, NHS England

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Roman, Monica

Monica Roman

senior customer success executive, Microsoft

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Jonathan Richardson

Dr Jonathan Richardson

chief clinical information officer and consultant old age psychiatrist Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

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Reed, Prof Mike

Prof Mike Reed

Committee Chair, openOutcomes

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Sutcliffe, Helen

Helen Sutcliffe

change facilitator, Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust

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Sims, David

David Sims

clinical solutions executive, InterSystems

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Shanmugasundaram, Deepa

Dr Deepa Shanmugasundaram

CCIO, Mid and South Essex ICS

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Symonds, Ynez

Ynez Symonds

CNIO, Solent NHS Trust

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Stanley, Chris

Dr Chris Stanley

GP, Haxby Group Practice

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Lisa Sewell

Lisa Sewell

head of digital innovation and delivery, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Spence, Stacey

Stacey Spence

digital transformation EPR programme manager, Medway NHS Foundation Trust

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Szekely, Maddie

Maddie Szekely

Deputy Director of Digital, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

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Stamp, Phil

Dr Phil Stamp

Regional Clinical Safety Officer, NENC ICS and GNCR

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Tyacke, Jane

Jane Tyacke

Director of Strategy, Public Sector Healthcare, Salesforce

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Thackray, Kat

Kat Thackray

fellow, One HealthTech

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Thorn, Andrew

Andrew Thorn

Nurse Consultant and Associate CCIO Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

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Tickell, Shane

Shane Tickell

Health Tech CEO

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Tang, Ming

Ming Tang

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NHS England

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Vijayadeva, Shanker

Dr Shanker Vijayadeva

GP lead, Digital Transformation – Primary Care (London Region), NHS England

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Vijayakumar, Prabha

Prabha Vijayakumar

Chief Allied Health Professions Information Officer, NHS England

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Vernon, Linda

Linda Vernon

interim head of digital empowerment, Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board

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Watson, Jill

Jill Watson

Senior Project Manager, The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Great North Care Record

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Mark Westwood

Dr Mark Westwood

primary care lead, GNCR

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Wilkinson, Steve

Steve Wilkinson

Project Director, staircase13 Ltd.

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Watts, Dr Michael

Dr Michael Watts

Associate CCIO University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS FT

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Lisa Ward

Lisa Ward

associate director of nursing (Patient Safety & Governance) and CNIO, County Durham and Darlington NHS FT

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Wilcox, Andy

Andy Wilcox

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Imprivata

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Wallace, Simon

Dr Simon Wallace

Chief Medical Information Officer and Director of Business Strategy, Microsoft

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Zahran, Ola

Ola Zahran

Chief Technology officer and deputy chair the National Ambulance digital leads, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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