• Digital Health Virtual Summer School full programme is now live
  • Digital Health Virtual Summer School full programme is now live

The full programme for Virtual Summer Schools 2020 has been published with the event just over three weeks away on 23-24 July.

The Covid-19 crisis meant it was impossible to hold the regular Summer Schools this year, so we’ve used the need to go virtual as an opportunity to build a great programme focused on UK and international digital responses to the pandemic.

The Networks Programme Group, drawn from senior members of the CCIO, CIO and CNIO Networks, have developed a programme that looks at how organisations have used digital and data to respond to the crisis, as well as sharing key lessons and looking ahead to what’s next.

UK keynotes include Sarah Wilkinson, chief executive at NHS Digital; Matthew Gould, chief executive at NHSX; Sonia Patel, CIO and NHSX; Natasha Phillips, CNIO at NHSX, Dr Nikki Kanani, NHS England’s director of primary care; and Dr Ben Goldacre from Oxford University.

International keynotes include a Summer Schools return for Prof Keith McNeil from Australia and Shayne Hunter from New Zealand. Plus Prof Martin Curley from Ireland, Jay Nakashima from the US and Dr Peter Christersson from Norway.

Switching to pre-recorded and live video enabled us to include a really diverse range of perspectives from local, national and international leaders, and blends keynotes with live Q&A sessions along with case studies and video diaries.

Summer Schools will open with a keynote session from Sarah Wilkinson, with Matthew Gould following on day two.

Afternoon keynotes on day two will be Dr Ben Goldacre and Professor Liam Smeeth on research and data on Covid-19, while Dr Nikki Kanani will close by looking ahead to the digital future of primary care.

Networking remains a key part of the Virtual Summer Schools and the platform we are using will include the ability for delegates to book virtual meet-ups with Summer School friends and colleagues old and new.

Speaking of friends, we are thrilled to welcome back the inspirational women of the Shuri Network, to celebrate their first anniversary a year on from their phenomenal launch at Summer School 2019 in Leeds.

Another theme carried through from past Summer Schools and Digital Health Networks events will be a focus on future and emerging digital leaders, with a dedicated panel session on day two.

Has digital leadership in health changed as a result of the crisis? This will be the question Sonia Patel and Natasha Phillips, the new CIO and CNIO at NHSX will be exploring in a joint session.

An early start on day 2 has enabled us to include fantastic dedicated sessions on digital responses to Covid-19 from Australia and New Zealand in partnership with our friends from the Australasian Institute for Digital Health and Health Informatics New Zealand, with many of their members joining live.

While there will be no Summer Schools dinner this year and the Digital Health Awards 2020 have been put back until the autumn, both day one and day two will round-off with a virtual happy hour meet-up for everyone taking part.

So if you are a digital leader in health and care UK or internationally interested in learning from how your peers have used digital and to respond to the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, and what comes next, come join us for a very special Summer Schools on 23-24 July.

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