Join the Great North Care Record for an opportunity to discuss opinions, experiences and priorities around the region’s evolving shared care record. This two-way workshop session will cover the impact and benefits of collaboration through the GNCR, the challenges we face, managing expectations and what the next steps are. 

    Graham Evans

    Prof Graham Evans

    executive chief digital and infrastructure officer and senior risk owner (SIRO), NHS North East & North Cumbria ICB
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    GNCR,Karol Marketing

    Lisa Sewell

    head of digital innovation and delivery, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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    Dr Mark Westwood

    primary care lead, GNCR
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    Dr Richard Glennie

    GP and chair, Northumberland LMC
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    Jill Watson

    senior project manager, Great North Care Record
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    July 18 @ 15:00
    15:00 — 16:00

    Graham Evans, Jill Watson, Lisa Sewell, Mark Westwood