In this session you will explore:

    • Shared care in oncology is possible without compromising patient outcome
    • Good collaboration between regional and teaching / tertiary trusts is mandatory to guarantee high-quality care and innovation
    • All patients need to be discussed in a MDT; for complicated cases in a regional MDT
    • This is only feasible with optimal technical and administrative support
    • For complex surgery and systemic treatments, patients should be referred to a specialized center
    • Monitoring of outcome measures mandatory to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients.

    Hosted by:



    Dr Paul Deffley

    Dr Paul Deffley

    chief medical officer
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    Koos van der Hoeven

    medical oncologist and chair, Oncomid
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    Prof Joe McDonald

    medical director, Parsek
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    July 18 @ 13:30
    13:30 — 14:30

    Joe McDonald, Koos van der Hoeven