Join us at Digital Health Summer Schools this July for a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from the very best CIOs and CDIOs from across UK healthcare. 

Our featured CIO Spotlight session will discuss the challenges faced by CIOs across the NHS and provide you with valuable insights into how they manage vast data, emerging technologies, and patient demands.

Explore the strategies and solutions employed by CIOs to address these hurdles and learn from success stories and best practices that shape their role in overcoming past challenges and preparing for the future. 

Join CIOs at Summer Schools

It forms part of an exciting CPD-accredited Summer Schools programme designed for you to learn from their key leadership challenges, plans and experiences of fellow CIOs. You can take part in interactive sessions on shared records, EPR, cyber and of course, AI.

Don’t delay, book today. Hundreds of current and future digital leaders already booked will be waiting to network, collaborate and share their leadership experiences with you at the University of Birmingham on 27-28 July

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