February 26, 2019

    Stand E28

    Doclan is an IT Knowledge Management company. Doclan has a focus on IT infrastructure, applications and operational activity, empowering decision makers with the knowledge to manage, transform, secure and articulate their IT enterprise landscape. Doclan delivers to their customer base the provision of an information management system supporting IT Knowledge Capture and Retention, IT Infrastructure Visualisation, IT Enterprise Discovery, and Total IT Infrastructure Documentation. Doclans goal is to help their customers document the IT enterprise and IT solutions, ensuring that this knowledge is protected by the business, for the business and able to be retrieved and be shared securely and effectively. Doclan is fully ISO27001 compliant (ISO Certificate No. 692264), currently providing their knowledge management solution to many UK NHS Hospitals and Trusts around the UK.

    Tel: +44 (0)1189 570 223
    Email: info@doclan.co.uk